What Are Good Stocks to Invest In Right Now?

If you want to invest in stocks, there are certain types of companies that will be very beneficial to you. These are companies that have a lot of potential for future growth, and if you know where to look, there is a lot of money to be made. Here are a few of them.

Johnson & Johnson

If you are looking for a solid growth stock that will protect your portfolio from the volatility of the near term, look no further than Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ). This healthcare conglomerate has a long and successful history of developing consumer packaged goods and medical devices.

Johnson & Johnson is a leading provider of a wide array of products, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals and personal health products. Its products have helped millions of people worldwide with various types of healthcare needs.

J&J’s Pharmaceutical segment grew by 2.6% in the third quarter and represented more than half of the company’s overall sales. Several of its drugs, including the cancer treatment Darzalex, have proven to be game changers.

The company’s consumer health division has also seen its fair share of challenges in the last few years. However, the division’s upcoming spinoff will offer more growth potential.

D.R. Horton

DR Horton is a leading homebuilder in the United States. It operates in 106 markets across 33 states, primarily building single family detached homes. In recent years, it has also selectively invested in attractively priced land. The company’s stock price has been on a rise for the last three months.

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However, the housing market continues to be strong. As such, it is possible that DR Horton’s share price can continue to climb higher. But the risk is that it might decline. This is why a DR Horton stock price analysis is important.

In addition to profitability, a DR Horton stock price analysis should take into account liquidity, solvency and growth potential. This will allow investors to determine whether a share price is a good investment.


If you’re looking for the good stocks to invest in right now, ServiceNow is one of them. The company offers software that connects data, optimizes processes, and helps automate workflows. Its products are used by a large number of S&P 500 companies.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the economy, investing in high growth companies can be a great idea. But some investors are more inclined to go with defensive stocks. In other words, they want a company that’s going to survive a recession.

ServiceNow’s stock has done quite well since the company’s IPO in 2007. Over the last three years, its shares have increased by more than six times. However, its growth has slowed in recent months. Nevertheless, its long-term fundamentals are solid and the company is likely to make money.

Brookfield Renewable Corporation

If you’re looking for a high dividend stock, you may want to consider Brookfield Renewable Corporation (BEPC). The company sells clean energy under long-term contracts to utilities.

Brookfield Renewable has a good track record of generating steady cash flow and increasing dividends for years. They also have room for more growth in the future. However, there is a risk that the company will face some financial constraints in the future.

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One of the reasons why Brookfield Renewable is a good stock to invest in right now is its large addressable market. The company is positioned to participate in a big global shift in energy.

Brookfield Renewable has several lines of business. These include power generation and renewable energy assets. It also has a development pipeline. Using these assets, the company plans to increase energy generation in Europe and South America.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a cybersecurity company. It offers network security solutions for service providers, enterprises, and government entities. The company also has a complete ecosystem of products and services.

Palo Alto Networks is a leading player in the cybersecurity industry. The company has a strong position in the cloud market, offering state-of-the-art tools and technologies. However, the cybersecurity sector has struggled a bit. Some new entrants may find it difficult to secure a foothold in the industry.

However, Palo Alto Networks stock has gained 50% in the past year. It has a strong free cash flow and a promising future. There is room for more growth, and the stock has a reasonable price.

A key metric that many analysts use to value a stock is its P/E ratio. This is calculated by dividing the current P/E ratio by the expected future growth. If the P/E ratio is low, it indicates that the stock is a good value.